Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G Smart Locks & Software - Connected Access Solutions. Open doors via PIN, Card, Fob, APP, Fingerprint, Key, QR, Mobile & Voice. We have been offering smart locks for 8+ years.

Order online for UK. We ship Worldwide. 'NEW' Netherlands warehouse for EU orders & Los Angeles warehouse for USA orders. Contact us to order outside UK.


We have hundreds of customers across Europe. Below are just a few.

Residently - LONDON

6i & 7i

Groupe WS - PARIS

6i & 7i

Highfield Town House - EDGBASTON

ACS & 6i

Plum Holidays - DEVON & ITALY


Cluster - STROUD

6i & 7i

Feastly - LONDON


The Harpy - LONDON


Apartrooms - ABERDEEN

ACS & 7i

Bearsleys - RIGA