Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G Smart Locks & Software - Connected Access Solutions. Open doors via PIN, Card, Fob, APP, Fingerprint, Key, QR, Mobile & Voice. We have been offering smart locks for 8+ years.

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About Us


Hello, my name is Stuart Duncan, the founder of smartLOCK.  I recently built a smart house (here it is Schoolmasters) and really struggled with a wifi enabled security solution. I considered all the other smart locks on the market, August, Yale, Schlage etc but I did not like the fact that you required a smartphone app to operate the lock. It meant that everyone had to install an app and it seemed a bit silly to walk up to a door, get out your phone, open the app, press unlock and then enter the building. I figured that a keypad lock was the answer but I knew that changing the codes on the lock would be a real hassle. What I needed was a wifi enabled, keypad lock.  I could not find this type of lock in the UK but I did come across a company called Lockstate in Colorado who manufactured a whole range of smart locks.  I ordered a sample lock, installed it on my own house and started using the cloud based portal to manage access.  I was blown away by how easy it was and decided that we should start offering Lockstate products in Europe. 

Fast forward 3 years to 2018 and smartLOCK is a market leader in connected access solutions. We have expanded the range of Lockstate solutions to include the hard wired ACS range of products. We have sold products all over and Europe, helped by the fact that Lockstate are an official airbnb Host Assist partner. 

Lockstate have several integration partners including airbnb, beds24, guesty and Gideon with more on the way.

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