is now RemoteLock Europe. Don’t worry! You’ll still find all the same great hardware, software and support.



Students are forever losing keys and getting locked out of their rooms. RemoteLock software paired with smart locks that use PINs eliminate this problem for good. You can easily deal with shared student accommodations, too. With a glance at the dashboard, you can grant or revoke access credentials on the fly, from anywhere. What’s more, our smart lock models feature an auto-lock function, so the room door can’t be left unlocked and is therefore more secure. In addition, these smart locks are “panic” enabled, meaning that they are always unlocked from the inside.

Apply the RemoteLock solution to a single hall of residence or to multiple buildings across a wider area. With centralised access control via the cloud, you’re in control 24/7, and can share the task of access and security between qualified administrators.