Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G Smart Locks & Software - Connected Access Solutions. Open doors via PIN, Card, Fob, APP, Fingerprint, Key, QR, Mobile & Voice. We have been offering smart locks for 8+ years.

Order online for UK. We ship Worldwide. 'NEW' Netherlands warehouse for EU orders & Los Angeles warehouse for USA orders. Contact us to order outside UK.




Take complete control of your retail outlet's access with RemoteLock's easy-to-use, centralised software.

  • Remove the risk and hassle of physical keys.

  • Secure your high theft merchandise and storage.

  • Manage employee and vendor access, from anywhere.

Manufacturing and retail premises receive multiple deliveries. Provide each supplier with unique access credentials, so you can track deliveries and hold vendors accountable for timely service, even when there are no employees on site. Set up notifications for when vendors or service staff arrive and depart.