is now RemoteLock Europe. Don’t worry! You’ll still find all the same great hardware, software and support.


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Guests want to get their holidays started immediately without waiting in a lobby to check in. With cloud-based, access control software from RemoteLock and your choice of smart locks, keys are no more—for guests and property managers. That means no more key handoffs, fussy lockboxes or lost keys. Better yet, RemoteLock works on hardwired doors like main entrances, allowing guests to use one code for every door.

If you run several holiday rentals, rest assured that RemoteLock scales easily from one door to hundreds or even thousands. Even better news: no matter how many doors you have, you’ll manage them all from one central dashboard via RemoteLock’s user-friendly app.   

Smart locks enabled by RemoteLock’s access control software mean less stress for you, happier guests and more five-star reviews.