Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G Smart Locks & Software - Connected Access Solutions. Open doors via PIN, Card, Fob, APP, Fingerprint, Key, QR, Mobile & Voice. We have been offering smart locks for 8+ years.

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Hospitality - Airbnb - Hotels

Guests don’t want to wait at reception to check-in. Keyless access enhances the guest experience, enabling them to avoid that inconvenience and proceed directly to their room. No more keys to carry around or lose. Our common door solutions enable one code to work on several doors so guests can arrive early, gain access to the main entrance door and drop off luggage.

If you run one or more holiday rental properties it becomes an expense and a chore to hand over the keys in person every time. Your guests could be late and you could be doing something else, and after their journey, your guests would rather have a smooth contactless start to their stays too. What’s more, if they don’t have keys, they can’t lose them.