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500i Remotelock FAQ

Information On The Remotelock 500i Deadbolt and Lever Locks.

What is the difference between a deadbolt and lever 

The 500i Remotelock is available as a deadbolt or a spring lever latch. Deadbolts are more common in the USA and not so popular in the UK. Which lock should you choose depends on whether you are replacing an existing lock or fitting to a blank door. The important thing to note is that the deadbolt does not have a spring latch like a Yale style night latch. If you choose a deadbolt lock then we would always recommend that you have an existing handle and latch fitted to the door.  The door needs to be in the closed position before the deadbolt activates.   The Lever lock has a handle and a spring latch which means you do not require an existing handle.  If you are unsure then please get in touch first. 


Do I need a strong WiFi signal

Yes a strong signal is required. The Remotelock uses the 802.11B signal which transmits at a lower power, this is to conserve battery life. The lock will search for a wifi signal on a regular basis depending on the heartbeat that has been chosen in the lock settings. During the lock provisioning process you will choose the wifi network, the signal strength must be above 25% otherwise you will need to boost the signal in order for the lock to operate correctly. Poor wifi signal can contribute to rapid battery drain.

Why doesn't my Remotelock broadcast a WiFi signal

When you first insert the batteries the lock will broadcast a WiFi signal, it will start with the letter 'CB'  You should then carry out the wifi provisioning process ASAP as per the installation instructions. The lock will continue to broadcast the signal indefinitely and if you do not carry out the WiFi provisioning process it will result in rapid battery drain.  If after inserting batteries there is no CB network, you will need to reset the lock's WiFi signal.  

How to reset the Wifi signal

If you need to reset the lock's WiFi signal you can do this by entering the following on the lock keypad:


The lock will then re-broadcast the Wifi signal and you should then carry out the WiFi provisioning process as described in the Internet Setup Guide. Be sure to carry this out soon after. 


What If My WiFi Goes Down


If your lock loses the WiFi signal, it will continue to work as normal. However the lock will not be able to connect to the portal and download any new codes or instructions until the WiFi is back up and working. The lock will continue to try and connect as per the Heartbeat schedule. In the lock settings you can request that you be sent an email when the Wi-Fi signal has dropped for an extended period of time. 


How Do I Know if the Lock is Connected to Wi-Fi


You can check the connection status by entering the following on the keypad:  PROGRAMMING CODE - 0 0 5 - LOCKSTATE     If the lock gives 2 green flashes it means that it is connected. 2 green followed by 3 red flashes means that it is not connected. 


What is the 'HeartBeat'

When awake, WiFi radios consume a fair bit of power from the batteries that power your lock. As such, during normal operation the WiFi radio goes to sleep for set intervals of time. We call this the HeartBeat Interval. When the WiFi radio is asleep, messages that you send from the web portal will not be received until the WiFi radio wakes up and connects to the internet. However, please note that anytime you press the keypad, the WiFi radio will wake up. So, if a user unlocks the door, this event will be reported immediately. More info on Heartbeats here: 


How Much Space is Required On The Door For the Remotelock


500i dimensions

Is there a subscription fee for the smartCONNECT portal

If you wish to manage the Remotelock online then a low monthly subscription is required to use the smartCONNECT cloud portal, the cost is determined by the number of wifi enabled products connected to the portal. Currently the portal is priced in US dollars. You can get more information here, but as a guide, one Remotelock costs just $10.70 per year, with email alerts costs just $15.99 per year.  The costs reduce as more products are added, for example 20 locks costs just $116.32 which works out at $5.81 per lock per year! 


The Lock Flashes Red When I Enter a Code and the Code does not Work


Either remove a battery and wait 15 seconds, then put the battery back in.


on the keypad enter: PROGRAMMING CODE  0 0 4  Lockstate


How do I program the Remotelock

Programming your lock can either been done through your online smartCONNECT account, or on the keypad of the lock. Several of the programming functions that are available online are not available via keypad programming (creating guest codes, schedules, alerts etc) However, common functions such as adding or deleting User Codes can also be done through keypad programming.

How Many Codes Can I Have

 The 500i will support up to 250 user codes

Does the Remotelock support WPS


Yes, see the installation instructions.


Can I change the programming code

Yes you should definitely change the programming code, it has to be 8 digits in length. If you change the programming code via the keypad, it will not update the settings in the portal, however if you change the prog code in the portal then it will update the lock. 

Can I get email or SMS alerts

Email alerts can be sent to two recipients.

SMS alerts are not available for all UK phone providers. However some carriers like O2 and Giff Gaff have an email to sms gateway. You can then setup an email alert that gets delivered as an SMS message. For Giff Gaff you would enter: 44XXXXXXXXXX(your mob number)  Please check with your mobile phone provider. Be aware that they may charge for this service. 

AUTOLOCK - Can the door lock automatically after being opened

Yes but only on the Lever version, Autolock is not an option with the Deadbolt lock.  The auto-locking function is setup as a schedule, this relocks the door between 15 and 25 seconds after opening via the keypad.

Is the Remotelock suitable for a UPVC door 

As a rule No, generally UPVC doors utilise multi-point locking which is not compatible. 

When should I use the Nightlatch kit

When you remove an existing nightlatch you will have a circular hole in the door. The kit contains an mdf drilling template that you can clamp/screw to the door which makes drilling the 54mm diameter hole easy. The kit also comes with a custom 4mm thick stainless steel strikeplate. 

Does the Remotelock require batteries

The Remotelock requires 4 x double AA (1.5V) batteries, (not included) You can check the remaining power level of the batteries in the smartCONNECT portal. How long they last depends on the WiFi update frequency which you can specify in the portal. You will receive email notification when the batteries need replacing.  DO NOT LET THE BATTERIES RUN OUT.

Why did the batteries only last a couple of days

If the batteries drain very quickly, within 24 - 48 hours then check that the WiFi Update interval is not set to 'Always On'  Change it to a longer interval.  If you do not provision the lock then it will continue to broadcast the Wi-Fi signal and typically the batteries will run out within a couple of days. 


What happens if the batteries run out

If the batteries run out completely, you will need to use one of the 2 emergency override keys to open the lock from the outside. Keep the keys in a handy place just in case.

What thickness door do I need

The Remotelock is suitable for doors between 35mm to 54mm in thickness.

How is the door handed

Handing is reversible, works on both right and left handed doors.

What is the backset dimension

Both the deadbolt and spring latch are adjustable and can backset 60mm or 70mm

Does the keypad illuminate

The keypad is illuminated once a button is pressed

How long can user codes be

User codes can be 4 to 10 digits long.

Does the lock come with a warranty

Yes the Remotelock comes with a standard 1 year electrical warranty. If you experience a problem after the lock is installed, contact Lockstate support who can test the lock remotely and advise accordingly.


How Do I Create a Schedule

Remotelock Schedule Guide


How Do I Assign a Schedule to a User Code


Assign code 

How Do I Update the Firmware On My Lock (RECOMMENDED)


Please email Lockstate: and they can connect to your lock and update the firmware if required.