is now RemoteLock Europe. Don’t worry! You’ll still find all the same great hardware, software and support.


The smart lock that does not require WiFi

Resortlock is the unique access solution for rental property, business and home owners, giving you smart lock functionality without the requirement of a wifi signal at the property.

  • Resortlock allows you to provide guests with temporary access codes for the duration of their stay.
  • Codes can be generated from a computer or smartphone using the FREE smartCONNECT portal.
  • Guest codes expire at checkout so they can never be used again.
  • Eliminate the hassles of managing rental property, including key exchanges, lost keys, early or late check in/outs & lockouts.
  • No monthly subscription fees.

See what Resortlock can do for you

Control access from anywhere in the world

Reduce hassles and save time

  • No Monthly Fees – once you buy the lock, it’s yours to use with no additional fees.
  • No Keys or Cards – you’ll never have to send keys to renters again.
  • No Need to Change Codes or Keys – Temporary access codes solve the problem of having to change codes every few months.
  • Temporary Codes – your renter can’t enter your property a minute before or after you specify. Once temporary access codes expire, they can never be used again.
  • Access schedules - create schedules for cleaning or maintanence so they can only access the property on specific days & times (e.g. M-F, 9-5).

How does the Resortlock work?

  • ResortLock Requires no cables or wireless connection of any kind.
  • So how do the codes get from your computer to the lock?
  • The simple explanation is they don’t. Think of the lock as being pre-programmed with millions of codes. Then the software just tells you which code to use for the time you specify. The software and lock use complex algorithms to calculate and decrypt the codes. Codes are generated online from the smartCONNECT portal.
  • Temporary codes are 10 digits long but can be changed to a 4 digit code by the guest upon first time entry.